Jasper White

active from 1897-1958

'Club Ebony' 10 Gerrard St W.1
Jasper White, late Sunset Club, welcomes all friends to a Cocktail Party 7-8.30
Open 3pm till dawn
Band and Cabaret (musicians come and have a bash)

Jasper White was part of Isham’s Oriental America touring UK company in 1897. In 1900 Jasper White was appearing at Manchester Grand alongside George Bohee (who was no longer part of the famous banjo act, the Bohee brothers), described as a comedian. In July 1900 he was in a revival of The Octoroon at Newcastle Grand which then toured. He was part of the In Sunny Tennessee company in 1917. He became part of Will Garland’s company, in All Black (1922), Down South (1924) Coloured Lights (1925) Brownbirds (1927).

He appears to have become involved in nightclubs in later life, and advertises himself as the previous proprietor of the Sunset Club and of the new venture Club Ebony on Gerrard’s Street (various editions of The Stage July and August 1958). There is no mention of Jasper in any US sources, or in any UK genealogical records, so this is possibly a stage name he adopted for the UK, and he may well have been British. 


Sources: The Stage, British Newspaper Archive